CEE Wrap Masters 2019, xfair Show Vienna

CEE Wrap Masters 2019, xfair Show Vienna

We from MR Clipart are very proud that we have hosted and organized 35+ car wrap competitions during the last 10 years.

The next REAL car wrap competition is coming very soon…

  • Max 16 contestants allowed
  • No elimination rounds
  • All competitors will compete on all 3 days of the Xfair
  • All contestants will also be involved in judging
  • Final results will be announced at the end of the last day
  • Competition tasks within the event will be
    • Car Wrapping
    • Window Tinting
    • Paint Protection Film
  • Briefing the night before the show including an Open Bar
  • All contestants will be invited for dinner on the first show night
  • „Wrapper‘s Night“ – Party will take place also at the 1st show night
  • All competitors are invided for the „Fest für Print“-Party on the 2nd show night
  • NEW: cash prizes for the 3 best installers:
    • 3rd place = € 500.00
    • 2nd place = € 750.00
    • 1st place = € 1,000.00


Xfair–show in Vienna, AUT

October 8-10, 2019

Who should attend/compete

Signmakers, car wrappers, tinters and PPF installers.


Quality first, speed will only come into play when quality is even.

Kind of Competitions

Various matches of wrapping, tinting and PPF installing through all 3 show days.

During the competition the teams have to handle Laminated Digital Print vinyl, Color-change vinyl, Window tint material and Paint Protection Film.

Reasons to attend

  • Learning, watching, talking to collegues
  • See new techniques and tricks
  • Totally Prizes of more than € 80K
  • Prize packages for each and every contestant
  • NEW: CASH prizes for the best 3 installers
    • 3rd place = € 500.00
    • 2nd place = € 750.00
    • 1st place = € 1,000.00


The starting fee is € 200.00 net / competitor.

Already paid by a Sponsor!


MR Clipart, the number #1 resource for vehicle templates and 3D presentation systems.

Any questions?

Contact: Dirk Moebes
Phone: +49 5136 920 25 15
Email: dirk.moebes@mr-clipart.com


Traian Moldovan

Traian Moldovan

Well known Wrapper from Austria

Andrew Gamble

Andrew Gamble

 From Elite Graphics, GBR

Michael Dassler

Michael Dassler

Car Wrap Pro from Sylt

Mingo Richter

Mingo Richter

Former winner of the American Wrap Star


Entryform Vienna 2019

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