Ultimate Wrap Star 2018

Ultimate Wrap Star 2018

We from MR Clipart are very proud to organize and host again a 3-day car wrap competition at the ISA – Sign-Expo in Orlando, FL from March 22-24, 2018.


The participants will compete in 5 round matches during all 3 days. Details will be determined later. The elimination contests are on Thursday and Friday and the Semis and grand finale are on Saturday.


Quality first, speed will only come into play when quality is even.


This is not only for honor, there will be prizes handed-out to the participants worth more than US $ 100K.
Each starter can take home a prize package worth at least US $ 1,000. The finalists will receive prizes
in form of sponsorship packages and vouchers incl. hardware prizes worth more than US $ 5,000.

Not to forget: pure excitement by watching, meet colleagues and exchange of experiences!

And the 4 semi finalists of this event have automatically claimed their participation at the World Championship of Car Wrapping to compete against all past winners, finalists and semi finalists.
Details about that event will be announced later.


The starting fee is US $ 200.00 net for each competitor and covers hall entry for all 3 show days.


MR Clipart, the number #1 resource for vehicle templates and 3D presentation systems.

Any questions?

Contact: Dirk Moebes
Phone: +49 511 874400
Email: dirk.moebes@mr-clipart.com


Michael Dassler

Michael Dassler

Car Wrap Pro from Sylt

Andrew Gamble

Andrew Gamble

 From Elite Graphics, GBR

Mingo Richter

Mingo Richter

Former winner of the American Wrap Star

Marcio Oliveira

Marcio Oliveira

Representing our Main Sponsor 3M

Chad Huhman

Chad Huhman

 Car wrapper from the USA


Entryform Orlando 2018

To enroll, download and fill out our Entry Form.



English Entry Form